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Customize that barn hair!


Specialize your stickers to match your best friend(s)! Send a picture of your pony and I will match their markings. Customization only costs $5 per horse. Customization fees are non-refundable and cover the time it takes to create, edit, or alter artwork to resemble your horse.The commission fee is only paid once your art will be kept on file for any future orders.

Please fill out one order form per horse, but can combine them into one listing for easier check out.

At this time I am not requiring the deposit/commission fee to be paid up front. Hopefully I can continue to operate this way, as it is easier for both sides, so please be nice and don't make me do work if you don't plan on paying for it.

Custom Barn Hair Don't Care Order

*For tack sale pick up, please put name of sale instead of shipping address.

*If your horse's color is not in the drop down, please put it here.

Please upload at least one image of your horse’s face markings. An ideal image is large, with clear details and facing the forehead. Additional images can be sent to Please make sure to include your name and your horses’ name in the subject line.

Upload Picture
Sticker Size(s)

*Final custom listing prices will reflect any current sales.

Thanks for your order!

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